Spring is here….I think…


Wildflowers in the Southern Forests
This beautiful vine with purple flowers in abundant on our property right now

The season has changed and we have said goodbye to winter…sort of…. and we are looking forward to warmer days. But while the weather hasn’t quite made up its mind – one day a lovely spring breeze blows and the sun is shining then the next day it’s an arctic chill and heavy rain – one thing is for sure: the flowers have declared it is definitely Spring.

Spring time anywhere is a wonderfully vibrant splash of colours as all the trees begin to flower, but in Western

Perth Farm Stay in spring wildflower season
These pretty peach blossoms will hopefully turn into lots of peaches

Australia spring means wild flower season has begun. While the wildflowers North of Perth are renowned locally and by interstate tourists alike, we don’t miss out on the flower show down here in the south west either.

Plum trees and peach trees are in full bloom promising lots of stone fruit for the summer, my camellias are splashes of bright pink and the clover is a brilliant yellow. Added to that is the abundance of wildflowers that spring up everywhere amongst the forest. And there is plenty of forest in the Southern Forest.

Southern Forest Accommodation with wildflowers
The lovely white clematis

You don’t have to look far to find white clematis, coral vine or purple lobelia vine. In fact for our guests staying in Bluegum Cottage you can just step out you back door! A short walk along our driveway and you can spot all three of these wild flowers and maybe even the odd kangaroo paw. A quick drive down the road to the Diamond Tree and the Fox Loop walk and you will see a riot of colour as vines of lobelia, clematis and coral cover almost every inch of fallen logs, tree trunks and smaller shrubs. A drive into Manjimup or Pemberton and you will spot pops of colour by the roadside.

Wildflowers of Pemberton Farm Stay Accommodation
Coral Vine found all through our patch of forest and through out the Southern Forest

Coming from New South Wales myself originally, I was totally amazed by the sheer number of wildflowers here in the South West in Spring. Flowers everywhere! Popping up along the old rail way tracks, in the ditches by the road, in the forest….everywhere. There’s nothing quite like it in any other Australian state.

If you are looking for something a little more exotic than the coral vine, we’ve got that covered too. Head out to Northcliffe and try your hand at spotting Orchids. A whole range of orchids can be found in this area and it might be worth stopping in to the Northcliffe or Pemberton Visitor’s Centres for some tips on where to find them. Or you could take a wildflower tour with Pemberton Discovery Tours.

Whatever way you chose to go looking at wildflowers, there are plenty to see here in the Southern Forests and as the weather gets warmer and stays that way the flowers will only become more abundant.